Cubase Elements 8 Activation

Hello - admittedly, i’m new here and to Cubase. Got the trial version few weeks ago, really enjoyed it as it was a great upgrade from what i was using. Bought the product tonight, got an activation code and now cannot run Cubase. Basically says to reinstall product (Ok, did) or get iLock (don’t think i need this with Elements 8). To no avail, cannot run Cubase when the eLicenser shows i have the Soft Licenser.

I’m sure this is an easy fix, but just cannot figure it out.

Any help is MUCH appreciated!

have a great day.

Hi and welcome,

Could you send an exact message, please?

Did you already activated your Cubase Elements by the Activation Code you got, in eLicenser Control Center?

You don’t need a USB-eLicenser (what you call iLok) for Cubase Elements.

Hello Martin,

Well, as it turns out i wanted to try another plugin (SSL product) and apparently it requires an iLock. I misinterpreted the error message when Cubase was starting up. i thought it was for Cubase, actually for SSL. It just kept locking me up. I removed that plugin and we are in business!

thanks for you response and help!