Cubase Elements 8 and GSP1101

I am new to Cubase and I have a GSP1101 which I can record with via Audacity, but don’t like that software. I was recommended to purchase Cubase, so I did.

I see my levels on cubase peak up when I strum the guitar, but nothing records.

What is could be my issue?

So you’re connecting this via USB to the computer?
Does it have an ASIO driver (or perhaps use the generic ASIO4all driver?
Is this driver selected in Cubase Device Setup?
Have you selected the correct inputs as the source for the audio tracks you are recording to?
Are you arming record on the track and then pushing record on the transport?

Where exactly in Cubase are you seeing the levels peak up?

the GSP1101 has an ASIO Driver (GSP1101 ASIO) and I have selected that under Devices --> Device Setup --> Midi Port Setup.
My Midi Port Setup shows:

Windows Midi as the divice for ‘IN’ as Digitech GS1101 USB MIDI and the state is ‘Active’
My input routing on the track says the Digitech.

But I get nothing.

Where exactly in Cubase are you seeing the levels peak up?

he GSP1101 has an ASIO Driver (GSP1101 ASIO) and I have selected that under Devices --> Device Setup --> Midi Port Setup.

Actually this doesn’t make sense. ASIO is an audio driver…nothing to do with midi ports. You shoud select this in Device Setup/VST Audio System

the levels I saw was on the graphical user interface that shows all the quick keys for play, stop record, etc.

I have made sure I have selected the GSP1101 ASIO driver in the Device Setup/VST Audio System as well. Now I get no levels peaking.

Does anyone have a quick walk through of what I need to set and where to get this thing to recognize.

My MIDI port setup shows ‘Digitech GSP1101 USB MIDI’ for IN and the same for OUT.

the GSP1101 ASIO is shown under VST as you stated.

Select ASIO driver in audio setup
Open VST connections and check/set up inputs and outputs for the GSP.
You might want to import some audio to the project at this point and check you are getting playback from the GSP headphone socket.
Set an audio track input routing to the bus you created or found in vst connections.
Record arm the track…if you hit the monitor button you should see the levels on the channel meter…but you do not want this selected as you’ll be direct monitoring through the GSP (I think!)
Hit record.

I checked the VST connections and both Inputs and Outputs tables show Audio Device as GSP1101 ASIO then the ports show the respective USB Input 1 / 2 and USB Output 1 /2.

Under device setup --> VST Audio System it is set to GSP1101 ASIO and shows the USB In 1 /2 and USB Out 1/2 for inputs and outputs and all is set to Active.

Do you mean ‘Audio’ track or ‘MIDI’ track ? Because I can see the GSP1101 bus with a MIDI track (still can’t record though) but with an Audio Track I only see ‘No Bus’ and ‘Stereo In’.

Just forget about midi. You are trying to record your guitar as audio.

The stereo in you see available for an audio track IS the input that you saw assigned to the GSP in VST connections. Input buses can be named anything you want but by default will be stereo in or mono in. You could change that in VST connections if you prefer.

So select stereo in on an audio track.

looks like I got it figured out. I added a bus and and was able to see it in the Audio track and record.

Now I just need to figure out how to hook my Logidy USB MIDI controller up so I can control start and stop recording from Logidy Foot Switch.