Cubase Elements 8 External FX

I purchased Cubase Elements 8 and I want to use a Lexicon MX200 as an external effect through my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 soundcard. Unfortunately this Cubase version has not a tab ‘External FX’ in VST Connections. I cannot afford spending a whopping 449 euros to upgrade to Cubase Pro in order to make this work. Please give me a workaround and how to do this.

Use regular sends, and return the FX Signal to an audio track (Input monitor on)

Can you talk me through it stepwise? Haven’t used Cubase for almost two years and can’t recollect the right steps… I want to use the MX200 as a send effect on a mono guitar track.

  • I think it starts with creating mono busses in VST Connections Inputs and Outputs but then…
    If the FX signal is returned to a new audio track with input monitor on, how can I blend it in with the guitar track and finally get to hear the reverb effect in the mixdown?
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

-Use a send from the guitar signal to the output connected to the MX 200´s input
-Create an audio track connected to the input that is connected to the MX 200´s output
Setting up send FX is explained in the manual,

By adjusting the send level, or the return level, or the MX 200 input or output level

Since Elements does not have realtime export, you need to record it first.

Thanks man! I got it working :slight_smile: