Cubase Elements 8 for live concerts

Hi guys,
Hope you are well.

  1. Is there a way to use automation for the monitor on / off button in the audio track?
  2. Is there a shortcut key?
  3. If not, can I assign one?
    Thank you!


No, this is not automatable parameter.

Yes, you can. Or you can control it via MIDI.

Could you please share a step by step instructions?
Thank you

I managed to create a key command.
Could you please tell me how can I control it via MIDI?
I am talkin about audio tracks.


In the Studio > Studio Setup, click the + button to add the Generic Remote Device. Set the MIDI Input Port. In the upper part of the Generic Remote sheet, set the MIDI Message (or use the Learn function). In the lower part of the of the Generic Remote sheet choose the function. In your case, it’s probably VST Mixer > Selected (if you want to control the Monitor of the dedicated track slot, select the track from the list) > Monitor.