Cubase Elements 8 freezes whilst loading project

hi there, several times now whilst loading elements 8 i get to the HUB choose a song from mylist and whilst it loads the projectit gets stuck and doesnt move. I open up task manager and it says not responding. I do this around 3-4 times before it opens up the desired track. Though it doesnt happen on every track. It seems to be only on tracks that i had in cubase 5 using Spectre and mystic plugins which are not in elements 8. could this be the problem? i’ve since deleted the trackswith these plugins though they remain on the VST rack. how do i remove them fully?


Open the rack and click on the name as if selecting a different instrument but select no plugin at top of list.

But if they are not installed it shouldn’t stop the project opening…do they have a !!! in the rack signifying that they can’t be found?

I’m not convinced this is your problem as usually only an installed plug will stop Cubase opening.
If fully uninstalled then shouldn’t be an issue.

There is a chance this is actually another plug entirely that is an older plug and C8 doesn’t like it.

If you rename the vst2 plugi folder you can see if it opens every time and that will tell you that it is a plug within that folder.

ok thanks will try that