Cubase Elements 8 - Latency Issue

I am brand new to this whole DAW thing. Need some help. I recently purchased Ur222mkII plus new PC computer with 16 RAM and a processor of over 3+ghz.

I have put all the components together, downloaded Cubase A1 initially and upgraded to Elements (although who would know if the upgrade actually worked). Anyway, when I started the Device Setup had the input latency at about 16ms and the output at 19 ms at a buffer rate of 512 samples (or it was input latency at 22ms and output at 26ms at a buffer of 768 samples) - I can’t quite remember. Anyway it was high. I had to manually set it lower at 8.23ms/9.206ms but at a buffer rate of 192 samples. I would have thought with this new gear and reasonably powered computer that I would not need to set the ms lower hence lowering the sample rate. It seems to be causing all sort of popping, squeaking and general interference sounds. I recall some tutorial saying if it was anything over 5ms then I would notice the latency. So what is the problem here? How come I have all this new and up to date gear and the latency was so high from the get go. I am playing an electric guitar through it.


I am assuming that you have selected the Ur222mkII Asio driver in Devices>Device Setup>VstAudio System?

Assuming you do have the correct driver selected in Cubase…first take a look here

Be sure to read carefully as not all tweaks are relevant to all o/s versions.

If none of that helps post back with more detail like which Windows are you running and your complete computer spec.