Cubase Elements 8 Mixdown to mp3

Hi, I am using Cubase Elements V8 . When I go into the export audio mixdown window the only options I have available in
the post process section is None or upload to Soundcloud. I thought there should be an option for mp3 ? Or do I have to purchase the mp3 plug in?


MP3 is not post-process in Cubase. It’s a File Format.

In the Export Audio Mixdown window change File Format from Wave File to MPEG 1 Layer 3 File.

Hi gemini9665 ,

I have elements and Pro.
In Pro you have the mp3 encoder implemented. In EL it is not.
I’m not at my computer now but I think you can export from EL to WAV (16 or 32 bit) or to FLAC.
After exporting the mix (between the locators) you can convert it to mp3 using free Audacity software.
You may have to install the (free) lame encoder first.

I’m not sure if you can buy the mp3 export as upgrade to your LE from Steinberg.




Since Cubase 8, there is the MP3 license part of Cubase Elements too.