Cubase Elements 8 mute monitors


I used headphones but I got studio monitors.
The monitors are connected to a Steinberg UR22.
I use Cubase Elements 8.

Here is the problem: There is always sound coming from the monitors on mic and guitar.
This happens even if monitor is off and even if channel is muted.

How do I mute the monitors completely?




Do you use Direct Monitoring? I would guess so. Please switch it off.

Hi thanks for the reply but my device does not support direct monitoring.
The option is grayed out.



Is the MIX knob turned totally clock-wise to the DAW position, on the UR22?

Hello Martin.

Thanks that solve the problem.




I own a UR22 and would appreciate some help here to know how can i leave the UR22 mix knob in the middle,for my external synths hardware sound, without seeing my external synth sound volume increasing every time i turn the output knob of my UR22 to the right. Seems like it increases the volume even furthur which i do not want.
However , if i turn the MIX knob fully to the right (daw), whatever i do then with the output knob of my ur22, there is no increase of volume of the external synth volume, which is satisfactory for me . But i am wondering, if this the correct way, meaning ,if i have solved the issue by turning the mix knob fully right to (daw)?

Pease note, that my UR22 soundcard outputs are going into one of the line -ins on my analog mixer, like a seperate synth so to speak, and then , from the main outs of my analog mixer going into my UR22 soundcard ins. The idea, is to record the entire synths sounds and music into a created audio track on my DAW. Of course when i record audio i make sure the stereo out of my created audio track is disengaged, to avoid a loop of the same overall sound. I hope it helps for your information. Much appreciated - Brian

Hi and welcome,

The Mix control allows you to set up ,if you want to hear the signal from the Input of UR22, which is routed immediately to the Output, ie. Direct Monitoring (the pot is set to the left, ie. Anti-clockwise), or if you want to hear the signal processed via DAW, ie. The signal comes from Input to the USB Port, to the Computer, to the DAW, here it is processed (or not), and back via USB to the UR22, and the Output (the pot is set to the right, ie. Clockwise).

I hope this explanation helps.

Btw: New thread would be probably better for this.