Cubase Elements 8, no sound

This is as basic as it gets and I’m only resorting to posting here after weeks of troubleshooting, research, tutorials, etc.
I’m currently running a 30-day trial and need this resolved before I purchase (the drum-mapping/programming feature sold me).
Basically, I’m getting no output from my computer speakers even though there’s an output signal happening on the track. I’m not having this problem with Garageband (I know, I know).
I’m using a Line 6 UX2 Interface and Podfarm 2. While I CAN record and hear EZDrummer2, I’m getting nothing with the interface.
I’ve attached screenshots of my input/output. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Output.tiff (398 KB)
Input.tiff (432 KB)

It looks like you have not set up the audio/midi in the computer system. I think the file is in the utilities folder. I am guessing.

Delete current output bus in VST connections. Make sure you have the ASIO driver selected. And create a new stereo out bus. In the drop down menu select the output where your speakers or headphones are connected. In the screenshot you have supplied no Track instrument is loaded. So make sure that you do because no sound will be produced without an instrument of course?
Also make sure your settings are correct under Output and monitoring in the UX2 driver. You should monitor your DAW and not the direct input signal of the input ports on the UX2.
Also make sure your midi input is functioning. Select this in the track inspector or just set it to all.
Hope this helps?

Thanks for the input. I started from square one and (I think) followed these suggestions correctly. I had a track set up before but posted the wrong pic.
This is what I have going on with my device set-up and so-forth. There is a track tool bar that I can’t get a screen grab of, but it shows I’m getting an input signal. Just no sound happening, and nothing when I record just to see if something happens.
I’m using a MAC with OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. I’ve heard there were compatibility issues with some DAW programs, but I suspect that it has more to do with me being a complete newcomer to DAW.
Output 2.tiff (54.2 KB)
Input 2.tiff (53.2 KB)
Device setup.tiff (84.2 KB)

Only three images per post, so here’s what my track looks like. Thanks again.
Track.tiff (317 KB)

You have no instrument loaded, therefore you will not hear anything from the instrument track.
And you have no audio track created, therefore you will not hear any audio, from any audio device. if that´s what you want to achieve. From your problem description, I don´t really understand what exactly you´re trying to do.

I suggest you create an audio track. Record some audio from a mic or audio player. See if the audio is recorded, you will see the wave form in the track. If this happens you have recorded audio so the input is right. Open the mixer in the I think device setup drop down menu. Play the track back and see it the audio is coming into the mixer track. Also see if the audio is going out on the output channel . Each of these steps is to check your setup. See how far you get.

  1. Remove VST Sytem Link settings. This is for connecting to another computer used as additional sound engine. Only use ‘VST Audio System’ to configure audio on your system.

  2. Make sure you create an output bus using the one that has your speakers connected to it. If it’s Main Out - 1 choose this. So make sure you first removed this as mentioned above. Otherwise it might not show up in the output tab.

  3. Like mentioned before, you have no active instrument selected. So nothing will produce sound on this track.
    Take a look at this video Here you can see how to set up an instrument track.

In general it might be good idea to check out the Cubase tutorial videos on Youtube.

Oh…and before you play a note make sure your master fader/instrument fader is turned down. You don’t wanna blow out your speaker or worse, your ears! :smiley:

Like I said, I’m totally new with this stuff. I only came here after watching every tutorial video, Googling, etc. Which I followed. I’ve never used DAW. I do realize this comes off as kind of stupid. So, I’ll leave it at that and thank everyone for their suggestions. I’m just not getting it.

I’ve checked them all out and Googled extensively. For weeks. This is a last resort.

Got all that. There’s no instrument selected because my UX2 interface isn’t listed, even though it’s selected in device setup. I’m able to map, chart and record EZDrums. That is listed. VST links are not connected. Inputs, UX2 is the audio device, with Record Send to L & R. Outputs, Main outs 1 & 2.
According to every video I’ve watched and everything I’ve read, my device is set up correctly. There is a signal on the track. I’m having the exact same problem with Presonus Studio 1. I’m wondering if it’s a compatibility issue with OS X El Capitan 10.11. Seems to be an issue with DAW from what I’ve been reading. Thanks again for the help, I’m stumped and will try to contact support.

So you have a signal on the track. Open the mixer window. The should be an sound in on a left channel strip. Is there a signal on a right hand signal out strip?

I’ve had a signal all along, just couldn’t get a screen shot of it with Captcha (in my original post). Yup, signal in the left channel strip, nothing on the right. No WAV when recording. Ugh. Like pulling teeth.

I’ve been trying to get sound through the computer speakers because I don’t have monitors yet, but it turns out there IS a compatibility issue with my operating system. You have to use the Interface itself for audio. Same with Presonus. Headphones for now I suppose.

Still have 11 days left with the trial. Just want to make sure everything jives before making the purchase. Thanks again for the help.

We all had to struggle with this material in various degrees when starting out, so don’t think you’re stupid! You’re probably just missing something that’s not clear to you.

This may sound silly but it helps to draw out a signal flow on paper. From the start you press a key on your midi control-ler to the end where the sound comes out of your speakers/headphones. Describe every step from the beginning to the end and make sure you fully understand each step. Double check if it’s working by checking signal indicators on your POGfarm 2 and in Cubase. If you get stuck somewhere and don’t understand something Google it and use the manuals to figure it out. So like this:

  1. Midi from instruments midi out to PODfarm’s midi in? Signal received? Yes
  2. Midi from PODfarm to Cubase? Signal visible on the transport bar? Yes! Visible on the instrument in the rack? No! Using same midichannel? Yes Midi input of instrument set OK?

This helps you understand and realize what steps are necessary to configure your equipment and troubleshoot issues.

Good luck!