Cubase Elements 8 or 9 crashes - totally un-usable


I have Cubase Elements 6, 8 and 9 installed.
v.6 works works fine (installed 2013)

I had problems for a few months with v 8 crashing. I tried re-installing v.8 but that didn’t solve the issue so I decided to upgrade to v 9 a couple of months ago but that too crashes and so far I have not been able to use it…

The program loads OK but crashes as soon as I import a project or even add a midi track to a blank project (get the “Cubase has stopped working” message)

I have removed all my VST plugins from the VST2 and VST3 folders as I know that they can be an issue. I don’t exactly know what folder Elements 9 is looking for VST3 plugins in but I have none loaded in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3. I am confident that no 32-bit plugins are being scanned

I have also tried renaming the preferences folder (C:…AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase LE AI Elements 9_64)
and forcing Cubase to buld a new preferences file but this hasn’t worked either.

Have also disabled Steinberg Hub

I logged a job with Steinberg “Support” over 2 weeks ago but they haven’t picked it up. Maybe they need more time?

If anybody has any suggestions I’d be very grateful

Windows 7 64 bit SP1


Could you share a crash dump file, please?

How to do this? This forum wont accept a .dmp file

ive attached the file to my logged job

Sorry, I don’t know, where to find it.

Could you put it to Dropbox (or similar service), and share the link, please?

cant i just send the file to you by e-mail?

No, please.

OK fair enough!

The dmp file is at



This is Cubase Elements 9.0.0. Could you update to the latest Cubase 9.0.30, please?

Also make sure, there are only Cubase plug-ins (Rename all VST Plug-Ins folders). Might be, there are some DLL files in your plug-in folder, which are not VST plug-ins, in fact. This could lead to crash.

Updated to 9.0.30
Renamed vst2 folder so Cubase doesnt find anything there

Unfortunately it still crashes just as before.

Is there a Windows crash/error file that can be examined??
Did the DMP file reveal anything?

Could you send a new crashdump (9.0.30), please?

OK new crash file at

By any chance, do you have NVIDIA graphic card?

If yes, try to downgrade or upgrade your driver, please. Search the forum for NVIDIA…

Hi Martin
I dont have the NVIDIA - its an ATI AMD RADEON HD 6670

By the way - I’m very grateful for your investgations into my problem!
Graham Howorth

Unfortunately I cannot see anything specific in your crashlog. Actually there is almost nothing in the crashdump file. :-/

Is that the end of the line as far as diagnosing this is concerned??