Cubase Elements 8 outboard FX setup

Greets! I am a newbie trying to add an outboard reverb to my Cubase 8 Elements using a Scarlett 2i4 USB interface. On youtube this is nicely done by adding ext FX in VST devices with latency correction and everything. However, the Elements version seems to be much more elementary and lacking such feature. Am I missing something? I checked the manual and googled but couldn’t find a discussion on that topic. Right now I am adding a send effect to my audio track, route to output 3/4 on my 2i4 interface, and bring the effects out back as two new audio tracks. This works, but how do I do the latency correction? Is there a more elegant solution? Cheers!!


The External FX feature is available in Cubase Pro only. So the only way in Cubase Elements is the one you do.

To compensate the latency use Delay Time slider in the Track name tab of Project window. Set the negative value (equal to the latency) on your Reverb track, once the Reverb signal is recorded.