Cubase Elements 8 Sync Issues as Slave

I am trying to transfer old songs from my Boss BR-8 to Cubase Elements 8.

The Boss is an 8 track recorder but has only two outputs (L&R) - so I thought I could transfer two tracks at a time panning hard left and hard right.

The Boss can produce midi time code or midi clock and can send Master midi machine control.

I need Cubase to be the slave.

I have set both to the same tempo and time signature.

When I click play on the boss nothing happens – but when I press stop Cubase jumps froward to the correct position.

If I fast forward or rewind it jumps to the correct position too.

Problem is it won’t follow in realtime and as it doesn’t seem to detect the play button or stop button.

So even if I click record on preview, it won’t commence record/play as it is not receiving the command.

I did this before on a previous version of cubase and it worked fine – there seems to be an MMC button missing in the sync set up window???

Any ideas would be very welcome