Cubase Elements 8 / Synthesizer Communication

I have Cubase Elements 8 running on a Windows 10 computer connected to Focusrite 2i2 hardware.

A USB to MIDI converter is connected to a USB port of the computer to out-to-in and in-to-out cables attached to a Casio MK-1200 synthesizer. The computer has a Casio USB-MIDI driver installed.

I wish to have the computer and synthesizer to communicate with each other. I have two questions for which I need detailed information about procedures:

How can I record a MIDI track in Cubase directly from playing the synthesizer?
How can I play a recorded MIDI track in Cubase on the synthesizer?

Any help will be much appreciated!


Add a MIDI track. Set USB MIDI Port as ann Input of the track. Now, you can play the CASIO keyboard, and MIDI data will be recorded to Cubase.

If you want to send the MIDI data back to the CASIO, set the Output of the MIDI track to USB MIDI Port.

Make sure, Local (Local Control) is switched Off on your CASIO.

Martin Jirsak:

Thank you for your response.

I have added a MIDI track to a test project and imported a .mid file to it. The synthesizer is connected and turned on.

It is unclear to me how to set the USB MIDI port as an input to the track. When I click MIDI Device Manager, no installed devices are shown. How can I install the device?

All help is appreciated.



You don’t need to install the Device here.

In the Inspector, under the Track Name tab, there is Input and Output field. “All MIDI Inputs” is probably written in the Input fields, which is also OK.

If you want to check if Cubase knows about you synth, open Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Ports.

OK. I will do that.
Thanks again.