Cubase elements 8 to another PC


I encounter problems with shifting cubase to another PC. I get lost in this reactivatie procedure. The e-licenser doesn’t give any new codes, etc.
Do I have first have to install the software to my new PC? I only have the LE software on my old PC, because that’s the one I bought, than I upgraded to Cubase elements 8.

Could someone please tell me styp by step what to do.



Here is the Steinberg support link that gives the step by step procedure…

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Thanks! One question, which version should I install the cubase le 8 or the el 8. I got the light version but upgraded it to elements 8. And I cannot find the place where to download the software again. I tried to copy the old version of the one pc to another and try to reinstall it, but it gives an error…

I tried and I tried, but it stops at the whole e-licenser stuff. I registered it correctly…

Try downloading the latest elicenser software from here. Then make sure it is set to “Run As Administrator”.

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Did that, openened it, still the same…

So let me summarize a bit. Please correct me if I am wrong and please confirm that you have registered the LE 8 in your MySteinberg account.

You have Cubase LE 8 installed on your old PC computer (I assume licensed on a SeL not a USB eLicenser. You registered the LE 8 in your MySteinberg account. You purchased the upgrade from LE8 to Elements 8 and have not installed that upgrade onto the old PC.

Now you want to install the Elements 8 version onto a new PC. No Cubase software is currently installed on that new PC.

So you have two options…

  1. Upgrade the software on the old PC to Elements 8 and make sure the Elements 8 software shows up as registered in your MySteinberg account. Then you should be able to install Elements 8 onto the new PC using the reactivation procedure.
  2. Install the already registered version of LE 8 onto the new computer by following the reactivation procedure then upgrade it to Elements 8.

If you did one of these procedures and my suggestion to set the eLicenser software to Run As Admin and it still does not work, then, if nobody else chimes in to assist, I will suggest that you contact Steinberg directly with a support ticket through your MySteinberg account.

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There was some kind of problem with the elicenser. Steinberg send me a direct link and that one worked!
thanks for all your help.

Glad you got this sorted. :wink:

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