Cubase Elements 8 Trial Activation

Hi all,

I’m new in the Stainberg world, so probably I don’t know how thing works correctly ^^

I’ve downloaded the trial for Cubase Elements 8 and installed it, but now when I try to launch it (I’m on Mac), it says “Impossible to find a valid license. The program will be closed now”.

Even if I try to go to the e-licenser control center, I see there’s a soft-eLicenser there that automatically has been created for my machine when I’ve installed it.

But no matter how, I cannot activate the trial for Cubase Elements 8: tried to register to mysteinberg, linked the SeL with the account, but nothing! I don’t know how (or where to find) the activation number for my trial copy :slight_smile:

Please if someone can help me out I would be more than thankful!