Cubase Elements 8 trial - can't open


I downloaded and installed the Mac version of 30-day trial of Cubase Elements 8, went through
the update, I chose the app from Launchpad and it says:

No valid License found. The program will quit now.

I don’t have any iLoks or anything like that. Just wanted to try out the Cubase for the first time.

I’d be glad if someone could help.



the problem is most probably due to the Soft-eLicenser not being generated on the computer, please see here:

I’ll send a PM.

Kind regards,

I also have this issue. I have followed the instructions in the link provided, and the problem persists (can’t activate the trial version because elicencer still asks for a usb).

Thanks for any help!

I intend to use a trial version of cubase elements for a performance. On a computer that already has cubase 7 installed. I already have the full 7 software activated but i must use it in another computer at the samme time…with the USB elicenser.
So the question is: is it posible to install that cubase 8 elements trial on the same computer i have the full cubase 7. Without USB elicenser (its in the other one) and whithout uninstalling cubase 7? I wanted to know before installing.
Thanks for your help .