Cubase Elements 8 Trial install


I’m new here in the forum.
The computer was installed Cubase LE5, which was activated. I removed the Cubase LE5. Then I installed Cubase Elements 8 Trial and the installation was successful. When I start Cubase Elements 8 Trial so it asks to activate it, or press the ok. Then the program will close. Where is the problem?

Hi there!

I’m new too and I have successfully installed Elements 8 with no problem at all. I don’t think you need to activate the trial version yet. I don’t remember activating mine but it perfectly works on my AMD system with Windows 8.1. Have you checked the system requirements of Elements 8 and see if you have compatibility issues? I have Cubase LE4 still installed on my computer together with Elements 7 as well as the Elements 8 trial and everything is working so far. Hope you get things sorted out.

Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem by installing the operating system again (Win7, 64-bit). I installed the Trial Elements 8 and it works as it should. Cubase LE5 not installed at all.