Cubase Elements 8 upgrade not installed?

Let me start by saying I am a complete novice when it comes to music production software.

I bought Cubase AI 8 a couple of months ago, and haven’t really had the time to get stuck into it to learn how to use it yet and I am literally starting from scratch with this kind of program. Anyway, I opened up the program today and a pop-up appeared giving me the option of upgrading to ‘elements 8’ and since it was only £37, I thought why not. So I downloaded the program, and for some reason my program hasn’t changed at all. there are no new features or anything when I open up the Cubase program from my desktop. I have gone into the downloads folder and there are Cubase programs in there, but there are several of them, which one do I go into for my upgrade, and how do I get the new stuff onto my current program?

This is really hard going for me, so I apologise if I come across as being a complete idiot, but im really in need of some help here.


Hi Joeymetz,

you probably haven’t activated the Elements license yet. Please check the order confirmation e-mail from our Online-Shop, open the eLicenser Control Center, and enter the activation code from the e-mail in there. Activate the license and then your current installation will convert to Cubase Elements 8.