Cubase Elements 9.5.10 won't launch

Hi. I’m using Windows 7. Just upgraded from Elements 9. All installed and icon on desktop but it won’t launch. Nothing happens. I did get a pop-up message a couple of times headed ‘e-licenser control error’. “Application has caused the following error. DCOM connection to program Synsopus.exe failed. Error. The RPC server is unavailable”.

I don’t even get that message now.

Obviously, all this means nothing to me. Elements 9 was working fine. How do I get 9.5.10 to run please?


Do you have NVIDIA graphic card? If yes, read the relevant Knowledge base article, please.

Thank you Martin. I’ll have a look, even though I don’t know what the relevant Knowledge base article is either. I am sure the level of technical inability of a number of us users must astound you.

I Updated all the NVIDIA drivers I could find, and updated Windows and it has worked.
Thank you.