Cubase Elements 9.5 and Kawai MP-10

I wonder how to set up my Kawai MP-10 connected by MIDI cables to my Steinberg UR-242 as it is not listed in the MIDI devices page in Cubase (the + button in the MIDI Port Set up window) and neither in the MIDI Device Manager where I cannot import any configuration from. Now my keyboard can send, record and playback MIDI in any VST instrument loaded in Cubase but Cubase cannot playback the file using the internal sounds in the Kawai. Any clue someone? Thank you for your help.

If you want to hear the internal sounds in the Kawai, you need to connect its audio out to the inputs of your 242.

Already done peakae. This is exactly (file included) my actual set-up. Maybe my problem has to do with the Receive Mode (file included) of the Kawai, I don’t know…

You would need to create an audio track with the inputs set to whatever the Kawai is plugged into.
Enable monitoring on the audio track, to hear the Kawai.

Thank you peakae for your help. My problem is not an audio problem. I can easily record and playback the internal sounds of the Kawai in an audio track. What I cannot do is record and playback a MIDI track using the internal sounds of the Kawai. I do have a MIDI signal when I play my keyboard on a MIDI track. Cubase do record and playback the MIDI events but no sound is coming out on record AND playback. Strangely, I can use the Bank Selector and the Program Selector to select and choose a sound in the Kawai (on my keyboard, I can see the red lights on and off as I click the selector), but I hear nothing. I don’t understand why I cannot realize that simple task. Am I missing something somewher? Is it because my keyboard is hooked with MIDI cables to the UR242 instead of using the USB to Host cable?

Without meaning to sound pedantic, if you can’t hear anything then it is.

Aside from Peakae’s perfectly reasonable suggestion, do you have direct monitoring turned on? If not that may be your problem.

I’m not sure how you think you’re going to hear the synth other than through a Track?

Failing that, have you tried plugging headphones (or some other means of monitor) directly into your Kawai to confirm that the MIDI signal is reaching it. If you still don’t hear anything then there is indeed another problem.

planarchist, by «audio« you know that I meant «wave» (editable) and yes, monitoring is turned on. Besides, I never thought hearing «the synth other than through a Track», I don’t know why you mention this. Anyways, I did what you suggest : I open Cubase, add a MIDI track, set the output to UR242, I plugged my headphones directly into my Kawai, hit Record and Bingo, I got my MIDI track full of events that I could hear that way, but ONLY that way. When I plug my headphones into the UR242, I hear nothing.

In your picture there is Only a midi track.
Make a Audio track also, and monitor on the audio track.
One Midi track to send and receive midi from keyboard
One Audio track to receive audio from keyboard .

…because that’s the only way you’re going to hear anything. You need an Audio track as well as the MIDI one. The Audio track is for monitoring only, you don’t need to record to it.

I don’t know how you think you’re going to hear the audio otherwise. As per Peakae’s description above.

I’m not sure what you wish can be done with the Kawai MP-10 and Cubase Elements 9.5.

I have the Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard and it comes with the MOXF8 Editor which is software which simulates the MOXF8 keyboard as a VST plugin in Cubase. With the MOXF8 Editor, the MOXF8 appears and behaves like any other VST in Cubase.

Once the MOXF8 VST is loaded I can see all the voices (sounds) the MOXF8 offers, I just pick one and play.

I can also record the MOXF8 voices onto a MIDI track in Cubase and then play them back through the MOXF8 Editor, or any other VST if I so choose.

The Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard is highly integrated with Cubase and offers the functionality of a home recording studio.

Also note that the Cubase version bundled with the MOXF8 is Cubase xx AI, which has been modified to support external instruments. Cubase Artist/PRO/AI do support external instruments. I don’t know if Cubase Elements does.

Hope this helps.

Thank you all for your help. Specialy peakae. Everything works now. Yes Serge, my wish can be done (at last!). I bought the Kawai MP-10 long before Cubase Elements and although the integration is far from perfect, I am happy with it. Its a fabulous keyboard (now there is the MP-11). I wish Yamaha who own Steinberg now, make a true MIDI 88 keys keyboard controller (like the A-30 by Roland) with no internal sounds and sequencer, but with a nice integration with Cubase.
Again, thank you all. Problem solved!