Cubase Elements 9.5 doesn't work with Steinberg UR12 interface

I’ve not been able to use Cubase for over a month because of a specific issue that is not addressed in your forum.

I installed Cubase Elements 9.5 on my pc and installed the Steinberg UR12. They worked together for awhile (i.e. I could record audio and could hear the audio through the UR12.

Then all of a sudden I can’t record audio or hear audio from Cubase going through the UR12. The UR12 is working fine - it reroutes my computer sound system through it and I can hear everything I want (YouTube, etc.) EXCEPT my Cubase files! Nor will it allow me to record.

As per your forum, I downloaded the latest driver, and I’m not in monitor or record mode. Still the same problem.

Hitting F4 shows me the audio inputs and outputs, BUT I can’t change them. The “Audio Device” output says “generic low latency ASIO” (and again, i cannot change this!!!) and Device/instrument says “speakers/headphones.”

The playback device on the computer says “Line 4 - Steinberg UR12” but again, Cubase refuses to run through the UR12.

Please help!

Go to Studio -> Studio Setup… -> VST Audio System. Here you can pick the ASIO driver for your audio interface.

Press F4 again to reconfigure the Inputs and Outputs if needed.

It worked! Thank you Romantique Tp and thank you Forum!