Cubase Elements 9.5 - Missing Device port

My Steinberg software initially worked perfect. But when I restart my computer after one nights stop, I recognise that the software didnt reached the UR-RT2. In the "Audio Connections map I can read following: “Missing UR-RT2 Input 1”, and also “Not Connected”. So, with this signs I cant get any sound at all when I try to play in the software. Please help me with this issue! Im I pretty new user so that makes me feel lost.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the correct ASIO Driver is selected in the Studio (Device) > Studio Setup (Device Setup) > VST Audio System, please. Yamaha/Steinberg USB ASIO driver should be selected here. If this driver is selected, you can select None and reselect this one. If this is still the case, make sure the connection is setup properly in the Audio Connections (VST Connections) > Inputs and Outputs.