Cubase elements 9.5 no visible sound wave

Hello all,

Can someone shine a light on how to get the soundwave visible on this version? I have zoomed in to ridiculous points of tim be get nowt… Thanks in advance

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1st, make sure the preference to enable “Show Waveform” is enabled. It is in the File>Preferences>Event Display>Audio menu.
2nd, check in the File>Preferences>Record Audio menu and make sure the “Create Audio Images During Record” option is enabled.
3rd, make sure you are adjusting the vertical track zoom and not just the horizontal zoom.

FYI… you posted your CB E 9.5 question in the wrong forum area.
Also, add your computer, software, and hardware specs to you signature for the best assist.

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…and make sure you’ve updated to the latest Cubase update. There was an issue with 9.5 that prevented waves being drawn (for 16bit recordings). I think it was re[aired in 9.5.10 but definitely by 9.5.20.

Changing to recording at 24bit should also solve the problem.