Cubase Elements 9.5 not recording audio

Once again, I’m having issues getting the proper setup to record audio from my Yamaha moXf synth. The 2 pics show my Project & Studio screens. Note that I am getting audio into Cubase on INPUT/OUTPUT Channels (blue bar), but when I try to RECord on either audio track, nothing happens. And the note on the Studio Setup when selecting a Device Port. Any help?

Your AUDIO DEVICE needs to to be the YAMAHA AUDIO DRIVER. Then you can actually select the Device ports from the Yamaha.

Switched (again) to Yamaha Steinberg driver and I get a signal at the mixer, but nothing on my tracks. Which moxf Setup should I use? Anything other than “Stand-alone” provides no sound output to my monitors.

I don’t have a MoXF here to assist you. You will really need to check the manual on that ting as it can be quite confusing to set those up with Cubase IMO

“Confusing” is the understatement of the day. I’ve wasted years trying to get my setup to work with Cubase. No more! ■■■■ this shit!

As a keyboard player, I would NEVER dink around with the MOX drivers and all that noise.
I would treat it like any other hardware synth I have. I would use a dedicated AUDIO INTERFACE for the audio. I have 5 Hardware synths here BTW