Cubase Elements 9.5 on 10 license

Hi. is it possible to run and work on older version (9.5) with a new,updated license (10) ?
The thing is that I just can’t work on Cubase Elements 10. It crashes every single run in 2-5 minutes. And its random, sometimes on audio editing, sometimes on midi , sometimes on VST… its completely useless right now. Cubase 9.5 worked just fine. Can I somehow use it again ?

Apart from simply trying it, the answer to this question must be hundreds of times on the forums… - yes you can

Thank you. I found that info about Cubase 8 on 9 license but not about 10. And I did clear install of Cubase 10 so wanted to know before installing 9.5 again. Anyway, I hope Steinberg will do something with it as soon as possible…

As general advice, always leave one or two previous versions installed, they co-exist without issue. I’m doing that right now, while testing Cubase 10. I don’t expect to uninstall Cubase 9.5 until at least maybe a year from now.

Those hundreds of answers a difficult to find! So in general, will ANY new Cubase license work on OLDER versions? For example, if I purchase the current Cubase Artist 11 update now on offer, I can use the license for that purchase to operate Cubase 9.5 (the most recent version that will work in Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.11). I see I can download the full install of 9.5. Just need a license to run it.

I can answer this myself, having heard back from Steinberg support. I quote: You would have to purchase Cubase Artist 11. And yes the Cubase artist 11 license will open Cubase artist 9.5.