Cubase Elements 9.5 question

Hi. I’m new to Cubase. I’m using Elements 9.5 and the Zoom UAC-8 interface. I have only ever had the Tascam 2488 NEO recorder, which I’m quite familiar with using, but now I’m struggling with simple operations in Cubase. My 1st question is how do I add bars/delete bars, on all recorded tracks simultaneously, in a song ? Say I want to make an 8 bar chorus a 9 bar chorus. Or make an 8 bar solo a 16 bar solo. I’ve been through the manual and haven’t yet found how to do this. Any help would be appreciated. Please direct me to a tutorial or manual page. WH

Go to the Edit menu and then sub menu Range. You’ll find all you need there.


As Blink says but also here from the manual: