cubase elements 9.5 trial - NO EMAIL

I never received trial email for cubase elements 9.5! I did check my spam folder! Any help would be appreciated! I am pretty sure I will end up purchasing the software but I wanted to give it a try first!


Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately some email clients blocks an automatic (robots) emails from Steinberg. Ask your local Steinberg support to provide you the Activation Code, please.

Who is my local support?

I did a help desk ticket and they redirected me to some automated thing that did not work!

I made a second email account and never received an email on that account either!

What’s the problem here? I have been trying for weeks with no progress! Sure wish someone could help! I am ready to just give up and just buy a different products I have already tried!

Its a bummer because after watching several videos, this looks like the product I want to buy!

Where are you?