Cubase Elements 9.5

Good day,

Cubase Elements 9.5 64bit is crashing on macOS 10.15 beta (and I have a very strong feeling it will crash also on the final OS release). Also the installer does not work.

The crash happens constantly on “Initializing: VST Connections”. I tried removing all VSTs but that doesn’t help.

I am trying to contact Steinberg but it seems like a nightmare. Clicking on “My Requests” logs me out:/. When I request to open a ticket I am referred to a distributor. (i bought straight from Steinberg’s official site. definitely not going to run “calls” to unfamiliar sellers I do not know and didn’t pay) and there is nothing useful on the site indicating how to solve this.

apologies for the rant but paying 99 euros and having no way to solve a problem in their software is quite frustrating.

anyway:(… anyone knows how to deal with it? (either Steinberg support or the crash)

It is never a good idea to run Cubase on a machine with beta OS. When a new release of win or macOS comes out, there is always a gap before Steinberg gives the OS a thumbs up, and if you go ahead and run it anyway you better be prepared that it might not work.

Since you are running a non supported (not even official) OS, it is unlikely you will get support.

appreciate the replies…

I completely understand and agree regarding using a beta OS version.
The thing that bothers me the most is what will I do if I encounter a problem using an official OS release? why should I keep paying for upgrades where support seems to be absent? What if my Cubase projects were my source of income and suddenly when something is not working on their end I need to chase distributors (which will probably take even more time for resolving the issue) and keep me hanging without being able to continue my work?

anyway I guess it is my decision… shame because it does seem to be a fantastic DAW… I’ll tread cautiously