Cubase elements 9 Buss problems

Hello !

i’m using cubase since very long, but i actualy didn’t learn things properly.
i’m a bit confused with the way the groups or “buss” work. ( groups are buss, right ? )

for example, i’d like to use two mono tracks, pan them individualy, apply some insert and send FX into each independantly.
then, i’d like to send them to a group, and apply some “mastering” FX to the total.

but … First, the mono track doesn’t pan correctly. the pan slider gives me sound on 0 , same volume on the left when full on left, and zero sound when panned full on the right. and of course it affects the way the FX react.
Wasn’t it supposed to pan 100 on the left, or 100 on the right, or 100/100 in the middle ?

Then … after i create a stereo group, the pan slider gives me sound on 0 , same volume on the right, and zero sound when panned on the left. so the opposite.

then i wanted to send this group to buss this group into another one gathering all the groups ( guitar group, bass group, etc ) .

my reflex is that i’m expecting it to work as my hi fi system, panning left and right …

to do some proper double tracking of a guitar, this isn’t very convenient. what is wrong with my understanding or else please ?


Edit, also ( but it may perhaps be an issue with my presonus firepod soundcard ) , when i hear my guitar playing in real time , i hear sound even if the group volume is down to zero …

i feel confused and lost really.