Cubase Elements 9 installation messed up my eLCC?

Hi there, this is my first post on this forum and I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

So, I downloaded Cubase Elements 9 trial, cause I needed more fx channels so that I can finish a task for my school lol :smiley: I already have Cubase AI 8 that I got with my UR28M, and usb e-licenser. However, when I installed Elements, and when I wanted to open eLCC to enter the activation code for Elements, it said that computer is missing msvcp140.dll so it can’t be opened - and I couldn-t activate my trial. I uninstalled Cubase Elements 9, downloaded missing dll from internet and copied it where it was supposed to be, but then when I tried to open eLCC again, another dll file was missing, vcruntime140.dll. I downloaded it too, and eLCC started to work.

So, eLCC is working now, but my question is, what would happen if I install Cubase Elements 9 again, is it really possible that Elements messed it up?? I mean, problem occured after that installation after all… What can I do to activate my program if this happens again? I don’t have much time to repeat all this, because I really have to finish that school task :cry: So I really hope someone will know what to do. Thanks in advance! (:

Cubase Elements 9 installs an updated version of the eLCC, which depends on the Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015, also installed during the process.
If the MS CRT installation goes wrong, eLCC cannot find the dependencies and fails - which is what happened to you.

Better download the Redist packages from Microsoft and use the installers when such issues arise: