Cubase Elements 9 upgrade to Artist 9?

Hi-have recently purchased Elements 9, but in hindsight should have gone straight for Artist 9 - choice I have is to either try for a refund on Elements (only bought a few days ago so assume this should be fairly straightforward), order Artist 9 and reinstall, or potentially just purchase the Artist upgrade version and upgrade what I have. I’m assuming the end result would be the same, but just wondered if anyone had any opinion on whether this is the case, or if there’d be any potential differences if I went down the upgrade route vs. starting again?? any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks a lot

I’ve no idea how easy it will be to get a refund but before you go that route, have you got an eLicenser?

If you have (you’ll need one for Artist) then it looks to me to be cheaper to upgrade (here in the UK).

Cubase Artist is £266 whereas Elements 9 is £80 with a £161 cost of upgrade. If you don’t have an eLicenser already you’ll need to buy one if and that’s an extra £18 (plus P&P I think).

Thanks planarchist - I don’t have the eLicense so would need to get one of those as well - like you say though it seems slightly cheaper to go the upgrade route so will probably do that unless there’s any risk of instability etc. Do you know if the boxed versions of Cubase come with an installation disc as don’t actually have an optical drive, so assuming that there would be a download link somewhere on MySteinberg? you don’t happen to know if that’s the case? thanks again

Yes download! And it is the same as no upgrade so just as stable.

thanks vinark