Cubase Elements - Activation Code already consumed

Hello everyone,

Before a month or so, I downloaded the free trial version of Cubase Elements 11, just to work on something quick, since I’m a Logic Pro user. The trial expired and yesterday I bought an activation code, so I can keep on working on the project I have. Note that the trial version was activated using a different email address from the one I used to purchase the activation code.

Once I bought the activation code, I clicked on the relevant button to activate the code but then I immediately canceled the procedure before Steinberg activates my key. Then, I made a Steinberg ID using my primary account and once I tried to activate the code, I got the message that my activation key was already consumed even though I canceled the whole process in the previous step. Now, I’m obviously stuck and I need to start working on the project again as soon as possible.

Don’t know what I should do. The customer support seems not existence at all. I tried to make a call to UK’s Steinberg customer support but I had no luck.

Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you activated the code as other user already, you have to ask the official Steinberg Support to transfer your license to the user account, where do you want to use it, or use the user account, where did you activate your Cubase.

Hello Martin,

thank you for your response. By official Steinberg Support, do you mean their customer support provided through the phone? I noticed that I cannot even open a ticket by the way.