Cubase Elements and Artist are no good for video slave

Unless you want to be continually converting 23.976 to 24fps for BOTH main DAW and slave.

I think its absolutely ridiculous that Steinberg have done this. Nowhere in the online comparison does it say it. Only in the manual.

And I got caught :frowning: purchasing C12 Elements in this sale, for the purpose of a video slave. It was a complete waste of money! You might say well convert it to 24fps. But I’d also have to do that in my main Nuendo project in order to remain in sync. And that’s just not feasible. Fork out for Cubase Pro just for proper slave functionality? Yeah right, not after that experience.

You can slave two versions of the same application if you really need to do this. Or easier, if you have Nuendo 11, slave 11 to 12 or vice versa.

The absense of that frame rate in lesser editions is a bit sneaky, I agree, but doesn’t your C12 (or N12) license not allow you to run two instances, one on the master and one on the slave?

Perhaps VidPlayMTC might be worth a try?

Thanks, yes I have been using my old Nuendo 11 license but I wanted to start using 4k video when Steinberg finally fix the bug that letterboxes 4k frame down to a smaller HD window inside. In anticipation of that in some C12 future version, and the sale was my prompt to buy C12 LE, albeit not possible at 23.97 which most of my work is in.

You must be referring to Elements. LE and AI only come bundled with other (hardware) products

Thanks, I admit I havent tested a 2nd installation of Nuendo 12 since I assumed it couldnt be run simultaneously. Plus I need to have that on my laptop.

Have you tested running 2x N12 installs simultaneously on the same license? I’m also concerned how many times I can activate/deactivate if I have to move to my laptop then back to desktop slave.

Also, the video slave in the studio needs to run my BM Intensity 4k Pro video playback card for smooth response and good colour for clients. My laptop cant be used with that card.

Thanks for the VidPlayMTC link but the smoothness of VST System Link, the way it scrubs etc was the lure. I do prefer it and was willing to pay for it, but not C12 Pro price. Does VidPlayMTC access BM decklink cards?

Correct, I meant Elements. LE seems to come up on the download assistant though, even though I’m installing Elements. A bit confusing there.

So this post still serves as a warning to those who think C12 Elements or Artist will work for video slave.

Not for 23.97fps which is the main standard in film work, and it doesnt say it in the comparison…very sneaky. You’ll need C12 Pro or Nuendo for that!

Even easier if you are on separate machines. 2 instance of N12, done. You can activate 3 instances on your license.

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Please read the info about the new licensing, all you describe is possible. This has been discussed over and over on the forum ad infinitum. It is exactly, and as simple as @Phil_Pendlebury says. Also the doc about licensing is at the very top of the Steinberg webpage, or the menu if you’re on mobile.