Cubase Elements and Immerse


I may have made a mistake yesterday in buying Immerse, not realizing that Cubase Elements does not have Control Room. I wish Steinberg had made it clear in the description, but nevertheless, I did what I did. It looks as though I can pull up the standalone version, but can’t use it as a plug-in in Cubase, or Wavelab Elements for that matter.

Is there a way to salvage the situation here?

Thanks in advance!


Buy the pro versions?

You could try contacting sales support and ask for a refund.

Thanks so much for the responses! I think I’ll contact sales support, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to figure out if using it as a standalone is useful, although I doubt it. I can’t justify upgrading to Cubase Pro or Wavelab Pro just for this plug-in. Elements works just fine for my needs.

Thanks again!


Quick update - I got in touch with Steinberg sales support, and they gave me a refund. They did it without a problem, and confirmed that Immerse will only work with Cubase Pro.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @SriniP ,

Don’t know if this is of any use to you. I have Demoed it in Cubase Elements 11, and it works. There are YouTube videos on Dolby Atmos Composer.

Hi Trevor,

Thanks so much for the response. Steinberg has already given me a refund, though, which I think was very nice of them. The sales support told me that I did, in fact, need the Pro version and that there was no way around it. I checked out the link you sent, and found nothing about Immerse in it. I must be missing something.

Just out of curiosity, how did you get the plugin to work without Control Room?


Hi @SriniP

Sorry for the mis-understanding.

I meant that Dolby Atmos Composer works in Cubase Elements, not Immerse.
Dolby Atmos Composer, should be similar to Immerse, when using Headphones.

Ahhh…understood. I know nothing about Atmos Composer, and if it is similar in functionality to Immerse, I should definitely check it out.