Cubase Elements and MIDI plugins

Hi, I’m considering purchasing Cubase 10 after previously using much older versions. Just looking at the version comparison to see which version I would need.

It looks like Cubase Elements has 99% of what I need which is great news. The only thing that slightly worries me is that it lists zero for VST MIDI effect plug-ins. I don’t use those a lot, but I do fairly often use a MIDI plugin to transpose parts up or down an octave or two, eg if I decide to switch to a different synth patch. I also very occasionally might use one to modify the velocity range after recording.

Does Elements actually support MIDI plugins but just not come with any available? In which case I might be able to install some separately and restore that missing functionality? Or does it just not even have MIDI plugin slots?

You don’t get the insert slots for midi plugins - and not much out there 3rd party that support Steinberg scheme anyway.

But using VST midi plugins is all fine - like Insert Piz Here free collection - as a synth/instrument and concanate a couple of those. Routing one synth from output of the other and such. These are like any VST instrument - just having midi in and out.

For convenience I use a plugin host like BluecatAudio Patchwork to route everything inside, as well as instantiate instruments I want.

What I missed the most running Cubase Elements 7 and 8 - was track lanes, so everything recorded in a loop can be expanded and in lanes below. In Elements I would get stacked takes on top of each other, and create empty tracks below and drag each take there. things can have changed in these 5 years regarding this - so check out manuals is what I would do.

Oh ok, thanks a lot for the info. Well, looking now at the price difference I see that Cubase artist is 3 times the price of Cubase elements. So I’m not going to pay that just for the sake of a single midi plugin I use from time to time for convenience, even if there are no insert slots for midi plugins. I can just select all the notes, hold shift and use arrow keys to transpose an octave at a time. Much cheaper solution!