Cubase Elements as Windows Video Host

I have full Cubase on my main machine, and write for film. I’ve wanted to run the video on a second Windows machine, synced with MTC (Midi Time Code)/SMPTE over IPMidi ( ) for various reasons (no load on main music machine, video is on a second monitor, video crashes don’t take out my music file, already have a second machine). It has proven surprisingly difficult to find a usable Windows video host that will be an MTC slave. (E.g. ChainGang–tried to buy it, sent emails, silence. 30 day trial has run out. MTCVideoSlave is apparently out of business. Etc.)

Cubase elements ($99) does the job nicely. Be sure to redefine numeric pad ‘+’ as ‘Transport | Nudge +1 frame’ (and ‘-’ as ‘nudge -1 frame’). Having the same user interface on both machines reduces CPU spiking on my brane too!