Cubase Elements Education Licences

I have inherited a suite of laptops with three different versions of Cubase Elements on them: 9.5 Education, 10 Education and 11 Education.

I require all laptops to be on the same version, even if it means downgrading the 10 and 11 licences to 9.5 licences. Is this possible and if so how do I go about doing this?

I have logged this with Steinberg support but it looks like they’ve laid off their entire support department as I haven’t even had an acknowledgement in the last 9 days.

Many thanks, fellow users!

I feel your pain, I too am waiting for a reply from their support. Stuck with teachers and students wanting to use the software but because of useless support from Steinberg they can’t. What is the point of having a complicated licensing system if they don’t provide appropriate support?

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