Cubase Elements Education proof of eligibility

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If buying Cubase Elements 10 Education version from a third party, I think I may have read somewhere that that its to the third party reseller I have to send proof rather than to Steinberg itself, or further down the road can Steinberg request this information as well.

AN I right in thinking this?

Thanks a lot
An educational license can’t be RE-sold (i.e. buying a used license) but if you’re just talking about a new purchase from a 3rd party vendor then sure, if they are an authorized dealer. See no. 13 on the FAQ.

Its no worthy to buy the education version.
At the end you cant upgrade it - as you cant prove all the time that you are student - and you will have to buy a new one instead of upgrades.
Also i dont think so (someone else may check it), that the special offers go to the educational versions also

This is completely wrong. Please supply a link to your source for this info so it can be corrected.

The only difference is the price, and the fact that it can’t be resold. When you update an edu license to a newer version (e.g., 9.5 to 10) it becomes a retail license, plain and simple.

here, from the FAQ

  1. Why do I need to send Steinberg a new proof of eligibility on a frequent basis?

To prevent fraud, education accounts at AskNet are not valid forever. This is why you need to send us a new proof of eligibility frequently. This is necessary to verify that your current status allows you to receive an education discount.

7. Is there a possibility to update / upgrade from an education version to a higher version of the software?

Yes, but not at a special education price. Updates and upgrades can be purchased at the regular price from the Steinberg online shop.
By updating / upgrading your education version you receive a regular, commercially usable full version.

What I understand is that obviously from FAQ 12, you cant have it forever. I havent got myself an edu version to know first person how often the proof of eligibility is asked. Also from FAQ 7, you cant upgrade to an new edu version but to a new retail one (paying obviously the difference). But how can you upgrade with edu price, if you cant prove that you are a student anymore? And logically you cant be a student forever

My real life scenario.

I bought an edu version of 8.5. I am no student anymore thus I cant prove that i am eligible for a edu version.
What happens if Steinberg asks for a new proof of eligibility? Obviously I cant prove it.
What if i want to upgrade to 10? what I pay? Again I cant prove I am an student because I am not anymore so logically I cant use the crossgrade from edu version to retail version 10. Its out of question that I cant prove I am eligible for edu version of 10.

So… I am left with a 8.5 edu version that cant be upgraded, right?

Sorry you’re misunderstanding, and probably citing the FAQ out of context. The approval is for buying an edu license, and any re-approval would be needed only if you want to buy another edu license. Updating or upgrading and edu license changes the license to a retail license, and no proof of anything is needed to make that purchase.

If you still feel doubtful about it, you should write to asknet directly, and get the info from the authoritative source.

Thanks folks for the speedy replies which has answered my questions.



Well as you can see so far the posts in the forums, it seems that the FAQ for the Educational Licenses has to be re-written more clearly so will solve all questions and misunderstandings.