Cubase Elements load VST's very slow

Windows 11 PC that was just updated.
Cubase Elements 11.0.40 Build 446

Cubase loads just fine. When I open a project it loads slowly, then the VST windows open blank, then the interface slowly appears. If I change to another open program then come back to Cubase the VST’s go through the same process as when they first loaded.

Secondairly, the cursor and the Cubase interface do not follow the song. The cursor jumps a few bars after about a second. The track controls take several seconds to respond. (i.e. I hit “STOP” and the track keeps playing.)

Is Windows 11 supported? My feeling is it isn’t yet.

Nope not yet

Does that mean I can not get any help?

Is there anyone out there that has a fix? :slightly_frowning_face:

There may be another ‘pioneer’ that can help you out but the general advice would be to use Windows 10 which is actually supported. You’re basically a self-appointed beta tester for all intents and purposes.

I upgraded from 10.5 AI to Elements 11.0.40 using win 10 and it is very reliable and stable. It could do with a few more options in Halion Sonic and Groove Agent but apart from that I am generally happy with it. :grinning:

Windows automatically updated to version 11. (I always accept the updates. :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like we have a problem. The Cubase insterface and the loading of the VST’s takes a great deal of time, even if you only change the focus to another application then come back to Cubase. The midi song plays as expected but the interface lags and jumps several bars at a time to catch up. Editing midi events is almost impossible due to the lag of the interface.

It seems the interface (or the communication between the interface and the program) is the only problem.

There is another thread here: Windows 11 announced -- Does Cubase work on it?

I looked at the System requirements page and Windows 11 is now listed there – so it must now be officially supported:

I won’t be updating to it in the near future though and will stay on Windows 10 as I need my recording software to work reliably. I only moved from Windows 7 late last year.

I contacted Steinberg. They had released a 11.0.41 but apparently the engineers pulled it back. I will update as I hera from Steiberg.

I turned off all of my cloud drives (Like Google Drive and DropBox) and Cubase runs fine. I’m not sure which of the drive apps was the problem. Just glad to be up and running again. I’ll shut them apps down one at a time next time to see if there is only one culprit.

Cloud drives will give you problems if they are constantly syncing while you’re recording. You’re better off staying off the internet during the recording process.

There’s a thread about Google Drive here;