Cubase Elements missing features


I just bought and installed Cubas 9 Elements.

And ofcourse there should be trouble with basic stuff.

In the old Cubase version (VST and newer) there was this really neet feature!
Lets say you recorded a song track. After that was done you clicked on the audiofile and got in to the “waveeditor”. If you now wanted to cut out all the pauses between the singing, to get rid of breathing and other noise leaced in to the mic…you right clicked on the mouse and got up there realle really useful tools. There was amongst other a scissors and a eraser. With the scissors you could cut pieces of the wav and with the eraser you could erase those parts.

Damn usefull!!!
On the Cubase 9 Elements, there are no scissors or eraser.
Or is there?

So here comes the question:

  • How do you cut audiofiles?