Cubase elements no sound from sound browser/media bay

There is no control room in cubase elements and I can’t find advise on how resolve my problem without going to control room. Some of the loops give me sound but most do not.


Open the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs. Set the Main Mix on the wanted output port, please.

Thank you, Loop browser is working, but Media bay will only give sound once in my Cubase project and can’t be auditioned first. Sound browser is not giving me any response at all.


OK, then it’s not the routing issue (most probably). All these browser are using the very same routing. All of them are MediaBay, just with the pre-set filter for the Loop/Sound Browser.

To me it sounds like you can preview the audio files. Can you double-check, you can preview the audio files in the MediaBay?

As you cannot preview the Sounds, do you have the latest version of HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE installed, please?

Also make sure the right output is set as main mix:

Thank you i installed all updates and everything is working again. That’s great!