Cubase Elements not loading endlessly initializing plug ins


I am quite a newbie at recording. Old Skool guitarist recording folk style songs.

I’ve gone free-VST plug in crazy! Going well untilthe pc said it had run out of memory. Deleted some things.

Downloaded LABs strings which started glitching. Deleted unused plug ins.

On loading cubase is endlessly initialising plug ins, including names in unfamiliar with. Many plug ins I’ve loaded are black listed. I’m loading them to program files and they have their own folders in there ie. Voxengo, TALReverb 4 etc.

I’ve deleted enough so that I have spare memory. I’ve read elsewhere that I need to rename program files, or update the licensee.

Would appreciate any advice.

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Suggest that you follow the advice given in the solving VST issues sections of these KB articles. Remember CB 9 or later versions only recognize 64 bit VSTs. My guess is that you have a bunch of old 32 bit freebies.

Also, please add your hardware and software info to your forum signature.

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I’ve tried the recommended advice, which is to find the VST plug in files and change them to VST2_Hidden.
It doesn’t work. The same hidden plug ins come back up.

Ive also noticed that Cubase seems to initializing all the files in Program Files including general Windows files such as winsxs.

Not sure what I’m supposed to do?

I’ve contained the Steinberg agent in Australia, Yamaha Backstage, but have had no response for over a week.


Would appreciate any specific advice. I believe this is a fairly common problem.