Cubase Elements on both Mac and PC

I have a macbook with a dual boot (into windows and OSX).

In 6 months, im going to build a new system, and i want to test Cubase on both OS’s for a few months to see if I should go for PC or Mac in the future.

So on a dual boot, is it possible to run Cubase Elements on both boots with the same license?


Every single system will create its own Soft-eLicenser. So it will be taken like 2 systems. To be able to use Cubase Elements on 2 systems, buy an USB-eLicenser and transfer the license to the USB license. Then you can install Cubase (Elements) to any computer. Where do you plug the USB-eLicenser in, you can start your Cubase.

Be aware, it’s not possible to transfer the license back from the USB-eLicenser to the Soft-elicenser.