Cubase elements on USB-eLicenser by mistake

I have activated by mistake a Cubase Elements 9 license on an USB-eLicenser, instead of the soft eLicenser on my laptop. Now I can’t tranfer the license to the soft eLicenser: the Steinberg knowledge base confirms it’s not possible to transfer licenses from USB-eLicensers to soft eLicensers.

Problem is that I bought Cubase Elements just for that, i.e. to have another (dongleless) Cubase, on my laptop: I already have a Cubase 8.5 license, on another eLicenser permanently attached to my desktop!

The USB-eLicenser, with the Cubase Elements license, are registered on my mySteinberg account.

I’ve just sent an online support request from my mySteinberg account, but Steinberg support seems limited during this Holidays period.

Anyone had a similar experience (solved I hope)?

Thank you.


They are back in the office as of today. Good luck, maybe they can somehow make an exception for you.