Cubase Elements\Pro 10 troubles with metronome and VST performance, difference between audio mixdown and real-time.

I have some troubles.
1)I don’t know why VST performance shows overload in average load and real-time peak. Task manager says my CPU is 3% loaded and RAM is almost 4 GB of 16. Also I can open note editor while playing project and see overload. I use Steinberg UR12, by the way.
2) Project while I’m working can crush. It will eat some sounds, have pauses, indicator in right zone will not match with playing, the latency comes.
3) Metronome sometimes can play earlier than it should. Also metronome can disappear suddenly. And no, it’s on, I check this:)
4) I have large difference between real-time project and audio mixdown in sounding. For example, my guitar in audio mixdown is so loud and dominates, though it needs to get silent and play unobsessively.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

Hi everybody, Hi Arty…

Do you have some news about your issue ?

I think that I encounter an issue witch is quite like yours.
In fact, the click in my Cubase 10 is faster than a real external click (metronome).

When tempo in Cubase is 100bpm, in the real life, a real click say 110bpm.

My CPU load is low and the RAM consumption too.
In anyway, I imagine that if it was a CPU load problem, normally the click of Cubase should be slower than a real external click.
But in my case, the click of Cubase is faster than the real one.

An idea please ?