cubase elements reinstall pc->imac

Dear fellow members/ steinberg,

We had cubase elements 7 installed on our audio pc witch has died…
After some thoughts we switched over to mac.

After installing the softlicence and cubase 7 elements we went to mycubase and changed to licencekey software code. The key was excepted and cubase got green light.

However it went wrong! We can’t assign the maximum tracks for audio/midi/groups and so on.
We also can’t assign all audio ports of the interface ( 18i20) and the effects bays are only 4.
Also in the mixer screen we have no bay for low cut and phase reverse and we only have the standard compressor. The limmiter,sat. And other settings are not available.

So to us it seems that cubase is NOT running in the mode it should be.
We contacted steinberg via the contact option. First we got a reply what was useless because we all.did that what they said. Then we contacted them again with images… Till now no answer what so ever…

Please help us with this isue…
We need cubase up and running

Many thax
Rca and Angelie