Cubase Elements reinstallation


I have a Cubase Elements on my former computer that I want to reinstall to my new computer. I tried to delete it through Control Panel from the old computer but the program is still there.
When I open My Steinberg site, there wasn’t and now there isn’t a registered version of the Elements, even though it is still used and on the former computer. My Steinberg site shows 2 Cubase Elements and both say that Activation status: Not yet activated. But for example, my very old and still used Cubase LE 4 is on the list with the info that Product activated and with the code but the actual code of the Elements is nowhere on the site.
How can I delete my Elements from the old computer and get its Registration or Activation Code that will be necessary to the new computer and reinstallation. The above mentioned 2 codes and the code found in the purchased box version say, they are older versions of the Elements and I can’t register with them.
(Sorry if it’s already a topic with this.)
Thanks a lot in advance.


Go thru the Reactivation process, please.

I’ve just tried it with the actual eLicenser number (copy and paste) but didn’t work. The message was: This eLicenser is deprecated.
Another one: If I buy an USB eLicenser, can I use it to Cub Elements?


First you have to manage to get your license to the current system. You would need to transfer the license to the USB-eLicenser from the current Soft-eLicenser.

For the Reactivation, you need the old Soft-eLicenser Number.

I would recommend to get in contact with official Steinberg support.