Cubase Elements showing as trial version

I have brought a copy of Cubase Elements 7 and downloaded the elicencer.
However when I started the elicencer control center my copy of Cubase was greyed out.
I can now start Cubase but screen has an option to upgrade from trial version-(but I have brought the full version).
When i try to open the elicencer it now won’t open on my system-so i have paid for software that thinks it is the demo version.
How can I fix this?
Thanks Steve

When you bought Elements, did you get an Activation Code? Have you entered it in eLCC?

I think if your copy is greyed out is because it is not registered in the eLicenser program. Also it is not registered in My Steinberg account. When you purchased you copy there should have been a long activation code on the invoice, or it may have been emailed. This code is entered on the eLicenser page when you click on the green button in the LH column. The previous post question - did you get the activation code?

Hi dumiya and jaslan thanks for your helpful replies,
I did get an activation code and i have just entered it on e licencer and it says it’s activated-but i’m still seeing the upgrade trial version when i open software up.
In the elicence column it shows full version and a greyed out trial version-how do i delete the trial version from elicence key-maybe that’s the problem?
I think software is working but is there a way of confirming i have the full version?
Thanks Steve

If you have the license on there then you have nothing to worry about. You can’t remove the trial license (that is how they make sure someone can’t just use the trial over and over). Personally, I wouldn’t worry about it as long as eLCC says you have a license.

Somewhere in this forum I read that the trial version will run, then, when it expires the bought version takes over.
So as previous post says, all should be okay.

Thanks jaslan and dubiya
Sounds like it’s all fixed and will play around with it now
Rgds Steve