Cubase Elements Trial + Cubase Elements 7 -> Problems

Hi guys.

I downloaded 30 days trial version of cubase elements. After 30 days I was pretty pleased with this new version so I decided to register my trial version. However I wasn’t able to register this trial version. Maybe because of lack of information how to do it or maybe you can not just register your trial.

Well, anyway I purchased, downloaded and installed a new version of Cubase elements 7. And now some problems occurred.

  1. Cubase won’t open VST-connections window
  2. Cubase won’t open Pool window
    Both of the windows just doesn’t show up even if I remove other windows they don’t show up from the background
  3. When I start Cubase it says that the version is No valid and the program will quit (even though it will run after that)

I did not have these problems with the trial version. So Im hoping that the problems occur because Im having two versions of elements. Could somebody please advise me. How do I uninstall my trial version so that it won’t corrupt the new registered version? Im using MacBookPro.