Cubase Elements Trial 'representative' of Pro

I am interested in Cubase 10 Pro, but I notice it is not possible to demo the thing without buying a dongle. Is the demo of Cubase Elements (which is dongle-free) going to give me enough of a feel of Cubase to determine if Pro is right for me ?

For context, my current “go to” DAW is Ableton and I do a lot of midi editing, but am also interested in improving my audio recording workflow (which is lacking in Ableton, for example comping). I am trying to decide between Cubase Pro and Studio One 4. So far I have been demoing Studio One (which seems like it could be the right fit) but would like to give the seemingly well regarded Cubase a spin as well. I have heard that midi editing is much improved in Cubase, but am not sure i am going to see this with Elements?


Recommend that you try Elements. I think you should get a good idea of the differences.

If you think Elements is an improvement to what you are familiar with, then look at the “Compare the Versions of Cubase” section in the attached link to see if the extras included with the “better” CB versions are what you need.

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IMHO nothing comes close to Cubase for MIDI. Try Elements, check out the key, drum and score editors, the chord pads, read up on the Logical Editor in Artist and Pro and go for that if you think you will use it; Artist and Pro also have the List Editor and MIDI plugins, which are great. There’s an awful lot you do already with Elements, and if you later decide to upgrade, it will only cost the difference in price + the USB eLicenser, which is a once-off cost.

Thanks for the advice, I will start with Elements trial and go from there!

If you are interested in Cubase Pro, go and get a USB licenser and test Pro. Cubase Elements is missing a lot of features, that Pro has.

Just a quick follow up, I followed svennilenni’s advice and the demo had me convinced … and then I got very lucky with the 50% off sale! Patience paid off lol.

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